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Smart Earphone Wristband


Detailed Information

Engineered for maximum funness

Smart Bluetooth Headset Phone/Heart Rate/Blood Pressure Wristband. Enjoy your smart life: (Big screen display of SE-2 bringing you to the wireless era)

Model: Blood pressure/phone/Bluetooth headset wristband
Battery: Polymer lithium battery 100MAH
Display: OLED0.96 128x64
Working temperature: -50℃-82℃
Strap material: TPU

Main control chip: NRF51822AC+WT200M
Communication distance: Unobstructed communication within a 12m radius
Battery life: 5-8 days
Sensor: ST LIS3DH
Antenna: Dual-3216 ceramic antenna

Mic: Omnidirectional
RF frequency: 2.4-2.485GHZ
Quiet sleep current: 10uA
Call time with bull battery: 8 hours
Charge interfaces: MIC, USB,5 PIN compatible with the charging wires of android phones
Charging current/ voltage: 70MA/4.9V-6.0V

Long sit alarm
Smart alarm clock
OTA upgrade
Data sync to APP/APK
Auto answer setting
Touch experience
Camera remote control
Connection with two mobile phones
Pedometer (steps, mileage, calories)

SMS/WeChat/QQ/incoming call
Connection and sync with WeRun
Phone call via Bluetooth headset / music
Heart rate / blood pressure monitoring
Sleep monitoring (sleep time, sleep quality)
Time display (lift the hand to light up the screen)
Separated Bluetooth headset phone call
Setting up sports goal, and sports info share
Locate your wristband, locate your mobile phone